Models of derivation undercuts at arc welding

    The follows models of undercuts are considered in the monograph.

    1. The model of a rupture in time.

    2. The model of balance of gravity head of a welding pool and
        arc pressure.

    3. The regression-statistical models of link of sizes undercuts with
the welding conditions parameters.

    4. The model of three phases wetting.

    5. The model of weld pool level lowering and fixings
        by crystallization.

    6. The hydrodynamic model of derivation of surface waves in
        weld pool.

    7. The hydrodynamic ejection model.

    8. The hydrodynamic model of bottom and side streams in a weld pool.

    9. The model of hydraulic jump.

    10. The model of an intersection of a weld pool crater with front of a crystallization.

    11. Model Xm-Xs.

    12. The model of heat and force spots of arc.

    13. Two-dimensional capillar-hydrostatic model of a tail zone of weld pool.

    14. The thermal three-dimensional capillar-hydrostatic model of weld pool.