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1 Berezovskii B.M., Stikhin V.A. Influence of forces of surface tension on formation  of reinforcement of weld.// Welding Production — 1977. — No. 1. — p.p. 51—53. in Russian*
2 Berezovskii B.M. Thermal efficiency of metal penetration process by surface welding arc  // Automatic Welding. — 1979. — No.10. — p.p.18—21. in Russian*
3 Berezovskii B.M., Stikhin V.A. Calculated definition of weld reinforcement shape and critical dimensions of weld pool at overhead welding // Proceedings of Chelyabinsk Polytechnical Institute. — Vol.207. — 1979.— p.p.103-111.  in Russian
4 Berezovskii B.M., Stikhin V.A. Calculation of parameters of disribution of heat flux superficial welding arc. // Welding Production — 1980. — No. 2. — p.p. 1—3. in Russian*
5 Berezovskii B.M., Bakshi O.A. The stress concentration factor of butt weld joints // Proceedings of Chelyabinsk Polytechnical Institute. — Vol.266. — 1981. — p.p.3-10. in Russian
6 Berezovskii B.M., Suzdalev I.V., Stikhin V.A. et al Mathematical modeling and optimising of weld formation on vertical plane // Automatic Welding. — 1983. — No.3. — p.p.21—24. in Russian*
7 Berezovskii B.M. Wetting and spreading of weld pool on metal surface // Automatic Welding. — 1983. — No.10. — p.p.31—34. in Russian*
8 Ardentov V.V., Suzdalev I.V., Berezovsky B.M. Investigation of formation regularities of weld pool crater during arc welding of titanium alloys with nonconsumable electrode // Titanium: Science and Technology: Proc. 5th Int. Conf. [Oberusel, Sept.10—14, 1984 ]. — 1984, Vol.2. — p.p. 839—843. in English
9 Berezovskii B.M., Dikhno I.S., Ryabov V.R. Nomograms for calculation of weld geometric parameters in aluminium-steel welding. //Automatic Welding. — 1985. — No. 11. — p.p.71—72. in Russian*
10 Berezovskii B.M., Suzdalev I.V., Kramarenko A.G. Optimization of welds formation  in unsupported  arc welding using through penetration // Welding Production. — 1988. — No. 3. — p.p.29—31. in Russian*
11 Berezovsky B.M., Suzdalev I.V., Sazhin O.V. Effect of arc pressure and weld width on the form of the surface and depth of the molten pool crater // Welding International. — 1991, Vol.5. — No.7. — p.p. 560—564. Download(1.13 Mb) in English
12 Berezovsky B.M., Suzdalev I.V., Sazhin O.V. Effect of edge preparation and filler metal on the form of the crater surface and the immersion depth of the arc into the molten pool // Welding International. — 1991, Vol.5. — ¹8. — p.p. 643—646. Download(446 Kb) in English


Berezovsky B.M., Stikhin A.V. Optimisation of the metal layer in arc deposition // Welding International. — 1991, Vol.5. — No.11. — p.p. 888—891. Download(766 Kb)

in English


Berezovsky B.M. The mathematical model for optimization of weld shape formation in different positions of arc welding // 6th Int. Conf. «Comput. Technol. Weld.», Lanaken, 9—12 June, 1996. - 1996. - Cambridge:  TWI, - Paper 12. Download(1241 Kb)

in English


Berezovsky B.M. Mathematical modeling of current spreading in plates during arc welding. Part.1 // // Welding Production. — 2000. — No.11. — p.p..

in Russian*

The note:  in Russian* — means possible existing a translation of paper in English, since all the papers in journals "Welding Production (Moscow)" and "Automatic Welding (Kiev)" were being translating from Russian language to English one by Woodhead Publishing (Great Britain).